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Candy Maker Gummy Candy

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This processing line is an advanced and continuous plant for making different sizes of gelatin (pectin or Carrageen) type soft candies in different shapes ( popular gummy bears, coloa bears, fruit shapes, alphabet  shape etc). It can also produce hard candies by replacing molds.It designed for making one or two colors jelly candy, and high-degree automation to the purpose of saving time ,labor and space to reduce the production cost. It is an ideal equipment for producing the good quality candies.


Main features:
1.Compact structure, stable performance and convenient control. 
2.Pouring quantitative can be selected, and the running speed can be steplessly adjusted as required. 
3.This machine is equipped with automatic mold tracking and detection device, and automatically stops pouring without mold. 
4.This machine adopts the control principle set by the program, which makes the pouring machine stable and accurate during the operation. 
5.The working power of this machine is compressed air, and the whole working environment is hygienic and clean, which meets the production requirements of food hygiene.


Our advantages:
1.With more than 22 years of expertise,we are faithful to be one of your potential/reliable suppliers.
2.With top quality,on-time delivery,competitive price,and superb service.
3.Mature management on the quality assurance and quality inspection.
4.The most advanced facility in the world.
5.Expert R&D team,effective team work.

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