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High Speed and Precision Desktop Glue Dispenser Machine

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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This machine is designed for massive production of chewing gums sticks in the food industry.This machine includes the feeding machine and packing machine.The feeding machine will align the chewing gums from the hopper into a line in the feeding tunnel by electromagnet vibrator and then send these chewing gums into the packing machine.The packing machine takes these chewing gums and packs 4-10 chewing gums into a stick with one paper.The biggest advantage of this machine is that the dual-tunnel for feeding and package machine is adopted. Thus the packing speed is improved greatly. The performance of this machine is steady and reliable under running.


Product Advantages:
1.As well as producing flaky gum, a polishing pan can be added to produce pillow gum.
2.PLC program automatic control, high automation, saving labor costs, simple and easy to operate.
3.Can produce various shapes of candy (such as square, rectangle, slice, etc).


1.When equipments arrive in clients factory,send engineers there for installation and ensure customers know how to operate the machine.
2.In order to improve our products,we keep in close contact with customers to know their feedbacks and suggestions.
3.From the date of the buyer receive the machines, free warrant for 12 months.

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