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Factory Direct Sale Gummy Candy Bottle Filling Machine Manufacturer Small Bottle Capping Equipment

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Gummy candy machine manufacturers is an advanced and continuous plant for making different sizes of gelatin-type jelly candies. It is an ideal equipment which can produce out high quality products with the saving of both the manpower and the space occupied. This depositing line consists of jacket dissolving cooker, gear pump, storage strainer, storage tank, discharging pump, color & flavor jigger, color & flavor mixer, depositor, cooling tunnel, electric control cabinet, etc. High-degree automation ensures of stable production and saves time and labor force and occupations to serve the purpose of reducing the cost.

1.PLC automatic programming control vacuum sugar boiling temperature, time, pouring temperature and pouring speed;
2.6.8 inch large LED touch screen display is easier to operate;
3.Frequency conversion speed regulation to control sugar flow rate.
4.Online finishing the mixture of flavors, pigments and acids.
5.Conveyor belt, cooling system and double demoulding mechanism ensure demoulding.

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1.Inquiry response: Your inquiries will be replied in 24 hours.
2.Sample support: sample is available ;
3.Delivery time: Your shipment will be loaded in 45 days after 4.0you confirm all artwork & receive your deposit ;
5.Payment term: T/T, L/C, Western Union(Sample only). 

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